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Plan Room starts here.


From blueprints to Bluetooth, our commercial construction team is committed to seeing your project though every phrase. To do that, we use PLAN ROOM. An automated way to connect our team to your team, resulting in better communication and effective management.

You’ve met with our experienced team and planning your commercial project, now it’s time to keep it all in one place. At Kelly Construction, we know your time is valuable as well as it is limited. With PLAN ROOM, you’re able to access your project during anytime and anywhere. Traveling out of state, or just down the road? That’s okay. With our system, you’re able to contribute to your project in real time, review your structural drawings, and connect with our builders – all from your mobile device.

Kelly Construction is honored be a part of this journey with you. Let’s build something beautiful.

I believe in an open and collaborative building process, stemming from a love for design grown from function, need, neighborhood dynamics, and budget.



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