Building a home is a nightmare...right?

Are you raising a family of impatient teenagers demanding their own rooms? Do you think that after your promotion you need an in-home office where you can peacefully work to meet the deadlines? Are you anxious about a new baby room? Do you feel that the family room gets congested when everyone sits together to watch a movie? Or wait, are you someone who is simply on the verge of giving up as survival in an apartment is getting exhausting day by day because of annoying neighbors and minimal space? There are many reasons for wanting to build a new home. The thought of building a home is exciting but all the excitement is always followed by IFs and BUTs. "What if it doesn't go as planned?". "But who will plan it all out?" "If it is more of a hassle then what?" And the never-ending list of worries continues.

KELLY CONSTRUCTION prides itself on providing outstanding custom home construction through a stress-free building process. We will listen to your concerns and make you feel comfortable.  Just see what Jeremy from North Sioux City said, "I met with 3 other builders prior to choosing KELLY CONSTRUCTION and would rate the process with them as an 11 out 10!"

We are known for being competitive and trustworthy and we will bring your ideas and imagination to reality. Why wait, come and see what we can do for you today! We offer many different floor plans for you to choose from. Or you can bring your own ideas and design something from scratch.  Chad, a satisfied customer says "I expected the process to be more overwhelming, however the KELLY CONSTRUCTION team helped streamline the process to make it as easy as possible" 

Our team of devoted building professionals carry out the process like champs. Tell us your plan. List out your desires and through our open communication process let us bring your custom home to life. Its our job to turn your dream into reality. "I was more than pleased! It was very easy compared to what I have heard about how the process can be," says Aaron from Sioux City. We stand by our words that we will provide quality construction of your home. We'll keep your stress low, your expectations high, and your project within budget. This is how homes and businesses should be built, and it’s the only way we know how to do it.

Kelly Construction